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Welcome To Brick Lane Publishing

We're an independent publisher of highly readable non-fiction and fiction books and authors.

Our office isn't on East End London's Brick Lane. We like what Brick Lane represents — vibrancy and history. In fact, we've relocated our office from London to New Zealand; land of the hobbit, ponamu, kiwi and sheep. 

Despite uncertain times globally, our highly regarded titles are still available to buy online, or from our distributor (for bookstores). If you don't happen to see one of our titles in-store and want to get your hands on a crisp, paper-scented copy, simply request the book be ordered at the counter.

We aim to deliver highly readable books that readers and booksellers are crying out for in an increasingly corporatised environment. To find out more, read our latest news, and remember to add our books to your must-read list!

If you're on the hunt for your next remarkable read, be sure to check out our books page and sign up to our free newsletter.