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Behind Every Avatar

Posted by @Publishing_talk on September 4, 2013 at 3:45 AM

There is a person, a human being and an individual behind every avatar. Brick Lane Publishing is one such example. So who are we?

I’m Lara and my mission is to bring quality books to readers that Brick Lane Publishing and our carefully selected authors can be proud of. And let’s not forget those experts linked to us – designers, editors, marketers, readers and so on. Simply put, I’m at the helm and my project-bespoke team jump in whenever I need their expert help.

Some time ago, I lost my job. As luck would have it, there was another job lined up, paying more than I was on already. But my heart wasn’t in it. Why? I hear you ask. Think of the money! The thing was, I’d come to the difficult conclusion that I had diminishing career satisfaction. When taking stock of everything, I realised I was blessed with a home, useful job skills, a loving husband, and supportive friends and family. I was so consumed with the busyness of life that I’d lost sight of this…

I know I’m not alone in feeling the way I did then. Hands up anybody whose job consumes their life? Come now, no tricksy fingers crossed behind backs! Let me guess, boss is a bother, office politics deserves its own congress and workload is bonkers? Truth be told, there’s probably plenty more to it than that.


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Even if you can’t trade in your job or career, why not make some small but important adjustments to your life? I’m not talking about donating your house to charity! Or scaling the tallest building in Europe in the name of the environment.

I’m simply going to make a suggestion:  Why not sincerely follow your dreams?

One way or another, we have our own perception of what’s important to us. If you were to assess your values and priorities in the cold light of day, being totally true to yourself – the person behind that Twitter avatar, that Facebook persona – you may discover that a few meaningful tweaks can could make your life richer and more balanced.

So how does this relate to me as a writer? You might wonder.

Most writers I talk to wish they could spend more time writing and less time doing other stuff. It’s worth taking the time to think about your hopes and dreams and writing them down in order of priority. Find out what’s stopping you from starting (or finishing) that book of yours…

Now ask yourself what needs to change in order for you to fulfil your hopes and dreams. And remember, a few small but meaningful tweaks in your life could make all the difference!

May you put your best foot forward,


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