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We give a voice to quality writing by new authors who are overlooked by larger publishers. Authors are not asked to finance publication and we are not a self-publishing house.

The majority of larger publishers do not want the hassle of authors who may not sell much. Many retailers are reluctant to stock titles by unknown authors, however good bookshops will often support their local authors.

We expect authors to help out in promoting their own book. Authors can contact their local media, create websites, blogs and promote their book through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Having said all this, there is always a ray of hope. If a book hits the public nerve it can take off. If the first one doesn't, a successive one could. J.K. Rowling took off after her third book. As with most things, a combination of factors determines whether your book will be a success or not and authors need to be realistic. Many first-time authors do not sell many books.

Please visit our Submissions page for more information about working with us.