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What manuscripts do we want?

We specialise in fiction and non-fiction books that remind us, somehow, there is still good in this mixed-up world. Don't bother sending erotica or anything gratuitous or profane.

We want books that will in some way amuse, entertain, inspire and uplift; stories that linger after reading, which are not quickly forgotten.

We're also interested in 20th century military history (non-fiction) manuscripts.

What do we require from an author?

We want authors who can tell a compelling story, one that is interesting and original. It also helps if you don't mind taking professional advice to help improve the quality of your work. Make sure you submit a well-edited manuscript, preferably by a qualified, independent editor. We don't consider early drafts, it's up to you as a writer to properly prepare and polish your manuscript, ready for the potential next step.

How do you send us a manuscript?

Email your manuscript to this address: [email protected].

  • Make sure your manuscript is accompanied by a separate synopsis of no more than three A4 pages of 12-point Times New Roman text.
  • Sum up the plot in one or two sentences, and give us a brief chapter-by-chapter breakdown.
  • Tell us why your manuscript is important, why we should be interested, and who
  • exactly you think the target market is.
  • Include your contact details and a little bit about yourself.

I have only written a few chapters, are you interested?

Of course we are interested. Please send us a minimum of three chapters from your incomplete manuscript and we will appraise these. Please make sure it is accompanied by a separate synopsis.

My manuscript has been previously published. Can I still submit it?

We are primarily seeking original, unpublished work.

What manuscript format do we want?

Make sure your manuscript is presented in an MS-Word document, with text set to 1.5-times line spacing. Do not justify the text. Make sure you put your name in the footer field of every numbered page. Twelve-point Times New Roman is our font of choice.

How long before you contact me?

If we are interested, we will contact you.

Is my manuscript confidential?

Yes, of course. We will not circulate or publish your manuscript outside Brick Lane Publishing without your written consent. Just to be clear, by submitting your manuscript to us you agree that we may share it among our editors. If we do not accept your manuscript, we will delete it permanently from our files. If we think there may be scope for it further down the track, we will seek your consent to store a digital copy.

How do I know if I have a book deal?

If we like your manuscript enough to offer you a publishing deal, we will tell you in writing. This will be followed by a non-binding offer memorandum, and then a contract.

What sort of royalties do you offer?

If you are offered a book deal, we will explain the royalties to you. Additional information for potential authors is here.