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Tying Down The Lion

Joanna Campbell


It is 1967 and the Bishop family are departing their UK home for a somewhat unusual road trip. Their destination: Berlin, a gritty city recovering from the bombs of World War Two and now sliced in half by the Cold War. Will the journey unite the Anglo-German family, or rip them apart?

Grandma Nell loathes foreigners, especially German daughter-in-law Bridget. She’s none too pleased about son Roy jamming the whole family into an aging Morris Traveller car for the duration. Granddaughter Jacqueline observes the trip – and the resultant spillage of family secrets – with a keen eye and a notepad in which to pen it all.

This is a story of ordinary people in an extraordinary situation, and the discovery of how something divided can be more revealing than a perfect whole. It is a quest for a family who build walls in their minds as they try to discover who they are and where they belong, in a city where nothing is quite as it seems.

Tying Down The Lion is a remarkable story that is both hilarious and heartbreaking. It is suitable for readers of all ages.

'A brilliant and original first novel'

Jilly Cooper

'A big-hearted, sprawling literary road trip, with pitch-perfect comic pacing and memorable characters'

Rachel Connor, creative writing senior lecturer & BBC dramatist

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Product Details

Published 2015

Format: paperback

Special edition

Cover illustration by Adam Regester

RRP: £8.99

ISBN: 9780992886332


Size: 156 mm x 234 mm

Pages: 218

Available from all good retailers. Please request a copy if it's not in stock.

Also in ebook

ISBN: 9780992886349

Available on Kindle

RRP: £4.49

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